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Identity to be built upon SpatialOS

Ottawa, Canada -- March 29, 2017 -- Asylum Entertainment has announced a partnership with Improbable, the creators of the SpatialOS middleware, to power the networking back-end of the revolutionary MMORPG, Identity. With SpatialOS driving Identity, players can now expect greater and more densely populated worlds. "We're very excited about this collaboration," said John VanderZwet, Asylum Entertainment's…
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Announcing Identity Modules

Ottawa, Canada -- Asylum Entertainment has announced, with the launch of a new official Identity website (, the intention to release what have been branded as Identity Modules in the upcoming months. Modules are core pieces of the Identity MMORPG which will become available for play prior to the full Identity game release date. Identity…
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Identity Unveiled

Ottawa, Canada -- Asylum Entertainment is excited to announce the development of a new massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game, Identity, inspired by it's acclaimed and wildly popular modification Altis Life. Identity expands upon the proven gameplay elements of Altis Life to create an unprecedented online world with absolute freedom for the player to live in a…
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